What is Jazz?

Jazz is a vibrant dance form built around a series of dynamic skills which are presented in a style which continuously changes into new forms though keeping it’s fundamental techniques and foundations. Jazz is often seen in famous stage shows such as Matilda, Hairspray or Chicago. As well new variations such as Hip-Hop, Funk, Disco, Afro and Bollywood bring new influences and fresh vitality to Jazz. Any video clip program will show lots of Jazz performed to the latest hits of the day. Jazz lessons focus on the development of basic techniques beginning with warm ups and stretches becoming increasingly dynamic leading to jumps and turns. Each lesson includes pupils working on the steps of one or more dance routines.

Students who learn jazz usually stand out from the crowd in school and local musical productions.

Classes in jazz often feature some of the latest dance floor hits of the day and also popular classic songs of earlier eras.

Whether Jazz is fast and thrilling or slow and lyrical it is always enjoyable.

While Jazz is more expressive and less rigid than aerobics it is certainly a great form of exercise as it develops muscle strength, stamina and flexibility.


At the Goulburn Valley Academy of Ballet students receive a very substantial discount off their Jazz fees if they also do Classical. By doing both styles it can be guaranteed that they are getting a broad and thorough grounding in dance.


Uniforms can be bought at ‘Bella and Mim’s’ in Fryers Street Shepparton

Beginners are welcome to start in tight, comfortable casual clothes and good shoes to move in and then buy a uniform when they are ready.

All clothing worn in class should be tight fitting. This allows teachers to see that correct technique is maintained and to ensure the posture and line of students is correct.

Girls Jazz Uniform:

Black sleeveless leotard, black bike pants, leggings, or jazz pants (no skirts) & black jazz shoes. Jazz shoes are needed for the concert.

Jeans/ Skirts are not worn in jazz classes.

Boys Jazz Uniform:

Black bike pants or jazz pants, black singlet or t-shirt, black jazz shoes. Classical students may wear their classical colour leotard in jazz classes.