WELCOME: Welcome to everyone taking part in ballet and jazz classes with the Goulburn Valley Academy of Ballet. A special welcome to newcomers to the school.

I was tremendously proud of the wonderful performances by our students at both of the terrific concerts last year. Thanks so much again to teachers, students and parents for their hard work and we can now add the 2015 Concert on 28th and 29thNovember at Eastbank to our calendars.

SCHOLARSHIP: Congratulations to Ali White and Afrikah Lesire for being our scholarship winner and runner up respectively and to Grace Newman for gaining the Encouragement award.



Congratulations to Tess and Laura on gaining their VCE with such high ATAR scores. Well done!

Emily and Nicola had a great start to their year with dance at the live-in Cecchetti Summer School held at Melbourne University. They participated in 4/5 classes a day and a choreographic workshop at night culminating in a concert on the last evening for the teachers. A DVD was made of this and it is wonderful to see what the students achieved in 5 days. The students mix with other students from all over Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Malaysia.

Ainsley, Grace and Hannah also enjoyed 3 days at a Dance camp in Echuca at the end of the holidays.

Sam is off to Ballarat for 3 years to do a Bachelor in Music Theatre at Federation Uni following a very hard working stint at Ministry of dance at te end of which he got to perform in a wonderful show in the Palais St.Kilda.

On a sad note we said goodbye to Carlie and Bridie Mackay’s mum, Linda who passed away after 4 years of battling cancer.

My father in law Geoff Coats also passed away the following week a few days away from his 90th birthday.

COMMUNICATION: Revisit this website for timetables, list of events, dates, notices and other information. It can save us both a phone call!

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NUTRITION FOR DANCE:All students need a healthy snack/meal containing protein and water before class to help the brain and body work, to get the most out of their lessons.


All our dance wear, shoes and uniforms can be purchased at ‘Bella & Mim’ 85 Fryer St. Ph: 58313287. Remember they stock all hair accessories for a good ballet bun too! The Target versions of leotards are not acceptable for exams or concerts.


Kinder, Pre-Primary, Primary Uniform.

Pale pink cotton sleeveless leotard, pale pink circular skirt, ballet shoes with pink elastic (jiffies are not ballet shoes) and tights/ballet socks. A crossover is needed in cooler weather.


Gr.1 to Adv. These students no longer hold their skirts out so they require small neat skirts that just cover the leotard. (Student length not teacher length)

Grade 1 & 2 Uniform.

Dusty pink sleeveless leotard, crossover and georgette wrap skirt with matching hair bow. Normal ballet pink tights and ballet shoes with elastic.

Grade 3 & 4 Uniform:

Cerise leotard, crossover & georgette wrap skirt, Pink tights, hair bow & ballet shoes with ribbons for Gr.4 and elastic for Gr.3.

Grade 5 & 6 Uniform:

Aubergine leotard, georgette wrap skirt, hair bow, pink tights & ballet shoes with ribbons for exams.

Intermediate, Advanced 1&2 Uniform:

Navy cotton lycra leotard, pink tights, body stocking & ballet shoes and pointe shoes, navy georgette wrap skirt. Advanced 1 CAT A need demi- pointes. Advanced 2 Need 1/2 tutu.

Boys Uniform:

Navy /black tights or bike pants, white/black singlet/t-shirt, white/black socks, black/white ballet shoes.


Black leotard (sleeveless), Black bike shorts, leggings, or jazz pants (no skirts) & black jazz shoes. Jazz shoes (not Jazz sneakers) are needed for the concert.


Jeans/Skirts must not be worn in jazz class. Classical students may wear their classical colour leotard in jazz classes.




Classical Hair:

Styled off face and in a bun at the back of the head. Teachers can demonstrate a bun if you ask or look it up on Youtube.

Jazz Hair:

Styled off the face and in a ponytail/bun to help with turns.

In hot weather it is a good idea to wet hair prior to putting in bun or ponytail, which helps pupils to keep cooler.

Open Week

Parents do not sit in on classes, as this distracts the pupils, who work better without the presence of parents. So  parents can see the progress of their children an open week will be held end of term, at which families are welcome.


In some years classical students may be chosen by their teacher to take a ballet exam. Exams are not compulsory but help provide motivation. Examiners are supportive and positive. Students from grade 2 on need to attend two classes a week to be considered for exams.


Term Dates for fees

Term 1. . Mon 2rd Feb to Sat 28th March

Term 2. . Mon 13th April to Fri 26th June

Term 3. . Mon 13thJuly to Sat 19th September

Term 4. . Mon 5th Oct to concert (28th& 29th November)

Classes are held on all public holidays in term time.