William Carse Awards

There are a number of events conducted by Cecchetti Victoria which give students experience outside their own studio with other ballet students from across Victoria and this helps broaden the ballet experience of pupils. Today we had the William Carse awards at Jason Coleman’s expansive Ministry of Dance in Melbourne. Eliza Flanagan, Eliana Dipietro, Charlotte Collins, Teagan Menhennet and Nicola Coats made the trip and had an enjoyable day. Nicola is pictured with Reiko Hombo a ballerina from the Australian Ballet who shared judging duties with Athol Willoughby.

Cecchetti Society refresher


Tunya and I traveled to the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary (VCASS) in Melbourne today for the annual Cecchetti Society refresher. We saw classes taught by Colin Peasley and Megan Connelly from the Australian Ballet. We learned some adaptations to the syllabus. We also listened to a physiotherapist who spoke about readiness for pointe. All in all a very informative day.